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All of our furniture products are made using the highest quality Birch Plywood.

The plywood sheets are available in two sizes: 3050mm x 1525mm & 2440mm x 1220mm This determines the maximum size panel we can make.

Made in 18mm, 24mm or 36mm


Ideal for smaller products or for a slender look.


A perfect balance of cost, appearance and strength.


Ideal for larger spans or for a chunky look.

Made in Natural or Laminated Plywood

Natural Plywood

The plywood faces and edges are left natural. The faces and edges are sanded to a fine smooth finish which is then lacquered all over. The provides a completely sealed/protected natural product.

Laminated Plywood

The plywood faces are finished with a laminate and the edges are left natural. The edges are sanded to a fine smooth finish which is then oiled. This provides a highly durable surface.

More Options

We can build our furniture with any laminate. So if our options don't suit you, you can either specify the exact laminate you want or we can help you find a good match.

Assembled in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Insert the dowel.

Step 2

Slot the panel into place.

Step 3

Tighten the grub screw.

The perfect furniture connection system.

A minimal fixture which is very strong and offers easy assembly.

To assemble your furniture simply connect your panels as shown above in the correct order.

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